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My PTNS Education Program

MyPTNS Patient Education Program


PTNS therapy requires patients to come in for 12 weekly appointments. This translates to an investment of time and money. Additionally most patients don't begin to see improvement in their symptoms until after 6 treatments. This results in patients who give up prematurely and providers who have to constantly reassure patients that their results are typical.


I developed an email-based education program with a weekly emails to patients based on their progression through PTNS therapy. These emails contain information about how patients can maximize their therapy results and what they can expect each step of the way. This program was set-up using HubSpot workflows. So, emails are sent at a predetermined interval.

This program was truly my brain child and I have been involved in every aspect. Highlights include: ​

  • ​Collaborating with my communications team on the name and visual brand

  • Writing the education emails (and corresponding handouts) which included soliciting feedback from key providers to ensure the accuracy of information 

  • Creating landing page and sign-up form

  • Developing and delivering training to the sales force 

  • Writing a blog post and social messages to promote the MyPTNS program


  • 60-80% email open rate

  • Providers, patients and the sales force have all indicated that they find this program valuable. 

  • Utilization continues to increase

Globalization concept

Cogentix Medical Website


When the company merged with another, my team had the daunting responsibility of merging 700+ pages of content from two archaic websites into one website (


I discussed the situation with my communications team and we determined that, despite timeframe and limited resources, we were going to propose moving the combined website to the HubSpot platform   


  • Created internal proposal to justify the additional expensive and timeline

  • Worked with my communications team to reimagine the website structure and to create timeline

  • Selected and managed web partner

  • Drastically edited or rewrote all web content

  • Introduced smart content, blogging and workflows for lead nurturing


  • 60% increase in web traffic after the first 12 months

  • Significant improvements in Traffic Rank, Moz Rank and Marketing Grade 


There's lots more!

Having been in communications for over 20 years, I have lots more examples of creative marketing strategy in action. These include:

  • Product launch

  • Webinar audience development

  • Inbound marketing

  • Print and digital advertising

  • iPad apps 

  • Private podcast for sales force

  • Corporate rebrands

  • Sales contest design

  • Writing marketing policies 

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