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Deliverables: Headliner

Good Ol' Sales Tools

I have literally -- not figuratively -- produced 100s of sales tools over the years. More often than not I establish product positioning, plus write the materials with input from product management and sales.

Creative Campaigns

A long, long time ago I was a girl who said to her boss, "Why are we paying someone to create ads and marketing campaigns? I can do it better and for less." My boss, bless her heart, gave me a shot. Before long, the CEO was recognizing me in front of the company for creating creative campaigns that generated awareness and leads for our company. Digital copies of my most favorite campaigns have been lost to the time/space continuum. However, here are a couple more recent examples of note:

Project Management

What good is a good idea if you can't get it done? I'm obsessively detailed when it comes planning and executing marketing communication strategy and tactics. I'm a huge fan of planning documents, backwards timelines and other helpful tools like the task management software to keep track of responsibilities and to ensure that things keep moving forward on projects such as: 

  • Product Launch​​

  • Brand transitions

  • Website redesign

  • App development

  • Demo models

  • Meetings and conventions

Marketing Automation

It's hard not to geek out about all the stuff you can do with clear objective and a marketing automation platform like HubSpot -- workflows, landing pages and reporting, oh my!

Just For Fun

I've led the creation of themes and communications plans for dozens of sales incentive programs. Some of them, like the Johnny's, get pretty wacky. And yes, winners did receive a Johnny trophy!

Proud cohost of The Comm Capers Podcast.

Deliverables: Services
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