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  • Rebecca Anderson

Blog: Build & Launch New Landing Pages (Without Stressing IT)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

(Written for Pantheon)

Marketers like to dream big, especially when it comes to websites. We’re always looking to optimize our sites to increase page views, decrease bounce, and move prospects along the buyer’s journey. That’s because we know an optimized website is critical to any company’s success, regardless of industry. In the consumer market, 81% perform online research before making big purchases. As far as the B2B market? Google reports that 71% of researchers start with a generic search.

Of course, your IT department has a lot on its plate, too. The developers and administrators are focused on keeping your site running and responsive as well as managing infrastructure. And if your company is in the SaaS or app business, they are also working on the core product offering.

All of this means that your marketing site changes — even crucial ones like launching a new landing page — can end up at the back of the queue. So, there’s nothing to do but think smaller, right? Not quite!

Pantheon Is an Ideal Launch Pad

An effective solution is a web development platform like Pantheon. When teamed with your Drupal or WordPress site, Pantheon makes it easy to build and launch landing pages without putting a strain on your IT team. Here’s how:

Empowered Marketers

Pantheon gives marketers the autonomy and agility to create, test, and publish marketing campaigns and initiatives. The system even allows multiple content editors, eliminating possible bottlenecks. Imagine not only being able to add new landing pages when you want. Plus, decreased reliance on an in-house development team means developers can focus on other IT projects that support business goals.

Peace of Mind

Thanks to Pantheon’s Dev/Test/Live workflow, you’re never making changes on the live site. Instead, you make changes in an identical test environment. If it works in test, it will work live. If something does go wrong with the site, you have the peace of mind of knowing your site is fully backed up. Mistakes can be erased at the push of a button. So, even if “someone” actually manages to break the website, your site can be back up and running in moments.

Best-in-Class Development Tools

While much of the day-to-day website activities can be driven by marketing, there are still times when marketing is going to need IT help. But when that happens, Pantheon’s professional developer tools help to increase productivity and make developers happy by easily integrating their favorite apps and services into any web project.

Success in Action

This SendGrid Case Study provides a stellar example of how the Pantheon platform benefits both marketers and the engineering group. Prior to making the switch to Pantheon, marketers at SendGrid, a cloud-based email service, were dependant on the engineering team for even the tiniest of changes. Plus, aging hardware and lack of a stable Dev/Test/Live workflow made changes not just inconvenient, but risky; an issue with deployment could compromise the website for hours or days.

Moving to the Pantheon platform has given the SendGrid marketing group the ability to create content, iterate, and quickly modify their approach based on testing or customer feedback. And because the marketers have the autonomy to make these changes, the IT group is able to focus on developing the next big thing.

Pantheon Gives Marketers the Power

Patheon is a powerful web development platform that gives marketing the power to make their website dreams come true. With Pantheon, marketers have the autonomy and agility to create, test, and publish landing pages whenever they want.

Want the power to create, build, and launch landing pages without stressing out your IT department? Create a free account or contact us to get started.

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