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Blog: The Quintessential Content Marketing Manager: Day-to-Day Responsibilities

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

(Written for Divvy)

Busy professionals like to say that they have a million things to do. For content marketing managers, this number may not seem like an exaggeration. Chances are you’re not just okay with a packed schedule, you thrive on it. It’s empowering to be at the crux of a brand, creating strategic content that cultivates an engaged audience and drives true business results.

A Day in the Life of a Content Marketing Manager

For a content marketing manager, every day is the same, beginning with a nice cup of coffee and a leisurely stroll through emails. Not really. You don’t need me to tell you that, for you, there is no typical day.

“So,” you ask. “What’s the point of all this?”

Good question. Just as there is no typical day for a content marketing manager, there is also no typical content marketing manager. Job descriptions and the associated responsibilities are all over the board. Some are more narrowly focused on specific tactics. Some have a list of responsibilities a mile long.

“So,” you ask again. “What’s the point?”

Greater responsibility comes with the potential for a greater paycheck. Most content marketing managers punch in between $65,000 – $95,000. But with experience and some serious skills, content marketing managers can earn up to $130K.

This post overviews the gamut of content marketing manager responsibilities which may occur on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. And for those of you reaching for a salary boost, check out the additional skills that can help you level up your marketability.

Dream a Better Content Marketing Future; Plan to Make It a Reality

Content marketing managers don’t dream in colors but in high-contrast text on a computer or mobile device screen. You know, those dreams of stellar content that stem from the most strategic of plans. That’s because being a content marketing manager goes beyond writing to also encompass content strategies and planning.

Content marketing managers typically collaborate with several stakeholders to identify how content strategy can support business goals. This requires working through the elements of effective content planning:

But the content marketing manager’s work isn’t done once the plan is in place; next up, is seeing the plan through to completion. So, it’s a good thing that content marketing managers are skilled project managers who allocate resources, direct the work of content producers and manage contract negotiations and approvals. Most importantly, content marketing managers are adept at adjusting priorities and ensuring that timelines are met.

  • Basic responsibilities: Content planning, editorial calendar management, project management, content strategy, workflow development

  • More cha-ching? Development and management of budget, resource maximization

Elevate Brand through Content and Storytelling

Often, the most effective content capitalizes on storytelling to put the audience’s needs at the center of every asset produced. Every day, content marketing managers develop content designed to elicit a response, whether it’s interest, intrigue, wonder or the sudden urge to sign a sales contract.

The content marketing manager typically sees to it that the brand’s narrative shines through its content and that the storyline always makes sense from the audience’s contextual perspective.

  • Basic responsibilities: Writing and editing for blogs, ebooks, white papers, infographics, Slideshare, social media, etc.

  • More cha-ching? Writing and editing for video, apps and outbound campaigns; ability to attribute revenue to campaigns and content

Stick the Landing with Optimization

Style and readability are important, but content also needs to accomplish goals. In other words, it must be optimized for outcomes such as sharing, lead generation or search visibility, to name a few.

Garnering results requires knowledge of the best content for each channel, along with solid skills in A/B testing and SEO optimization. Some content marketing managers are also tasked with overseeing and optimizing the visual nature of content.

Even with lots of experience and analysis, it is unlikely that most content will go gangbusters from the moment it is published. That’s why optimization skills are so crucial. Based on findings from performance data and competitive analysis, content marketing managers are often called upon to tweak content deliverables, campaign strategies or even entire program strategies.

  • Basic responsibilities: editing, basic SEO, ensuring brand compliance, basic performance analysis

  • More cha-ching? A/B testing, extensive SEO expertise, coding, graphic design, formatting in WordPress or other CMS, managing social media channels and campaigns, in-depth KPI reporting, strong data analysis skills

Be a Leader, Gain Followers

So, assuming that you have a super strategy, compelling content and outstanding optimization practices, what else do you need? An engaged audience! Content marketing managers are intensely focused on identifying, understanding and connecting with the right people.

Content marketing managers are aware of the key personas that comprise the target audience, what worries them, what motivates them and how they prefer to consume content. Content leaders then leverage these insights to determine everything from optimal format to optimal length, and to identify the best channels and third-party platforms for reaching key audience segments. Content marketing managers build an audience through careful execution of a plan that factors in frequency, consistency, paid promotion and an eye on the long game.

  • Basic responsibilities: Growing a follower base, targeting content to personas

  • More cha-ching? Developing personas, content experimentation, identifying new content markets

Be a Star within a Constellation of Stars

If you’re like most content markers, you started out as a writer who felt lucky to have found a career putting pen to paper, pixel to screen. As it turned out, you’re pretty good at churning out high-quality content that commands attention. While the balance of day-to-day activities undoubtedly shifts when assuming a management role, it’s still important for managers to set the bar for content creation.

Even those who lead a team of producers should be able to create stellar content from time to time, helping to illustrate the characteristics you want to see in your brand’s content. Equally important is allowing others on your team to shine — whether that’s by providing feedback to a copywriter to help increase the flare of their CTAs, or turning the spotlight on the designer who made a blog post sparkle with their visuals. Providing opportunities for your colleagues and direct reports to be superstars inspires goodwill and goes a long way toward keeping the team motivated.

  • Basic responsibilities: Lead by example, mentor new writers, manage external resources

  • More cha-ching? Proven ability to maximize resources by helping team members grow

While there is no typical day—or job description—for content marketing managers, delivering strategic content that boosts business results is always in demand. Subscribe to the DivvyHQ blog to get straight-shooting advice that can help you do just that.

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