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  • Rebecca Anderson

Blog: Is Your Home Haunted by HVAC Horrors?

(Written for Welter Heating)

Fall is a scary time. Sure, there’s Halloween but there are also the walking dead in line at the coffee shop, the color-drained vampires deprived of sun, and the yetis bundled up in layers of fluffy sweaters. 

And, if that’s not bad enough, there is a phantom most foul inside your house, lurking in your basement or behind closed doors. Any guess as to what it is? Sweaty socks? Don’t be silly! 

It’s your furnace. And it needs your attention. Otherwise, you may have to contend with one or more of the following HVAC horrors. Read on … if you dare!

#1 – Eerie Noises

What goes bump in the night? Your furnace. 

In fact, the furnace spirits are prone to an entire chorus of unnatural noises: popping, clicking, hissing, squealing, screeching, buzzing, and rumbling. It can sound like there’s a whole haunted house contained within the furnace’s metal walls. But there is a likely explanation for each of these common furnace noises

You can dispel some of these HVAC haunts on your own. But if you’re hearing thumping, clanking, banging, rattling, or buzzing, you may want to consult with an HVAC technician.

#2 – Scary Smells

If your furnace is emitting odious odors, it may be a reason for you to take off running—but not because of gruesome ghoulies. 

  • For a furnace, the most sinister scent is sulfur which signals the dangerous presence of natural gas. If you smell rotten eggs, turn off your furnace, open your home’s windows, and evacuate the building. After you’ve reached a safe distance, call your utility company so they can perform a careful inspection of your gas lines. 

  • Another ill-boding bouquet, is the smell of burning metal, plastic, rubber, or wax. If you whiff one of these, turn off your furnace and call in your local expert to repair the furnace and replace any damaged or outdated parts.

  • One strange smell that’s not so spooky is burning dust. During the furnace’s offseason, dust—not demons—collect within the system. When the furnace is turned back on, the dust is burnt away. The smell should dissipate quickly, but if it lingers—like a bad omen—switch out the furnace filter.

#3 – Frankenstein Furnace

We get it, there’s a certain allure in standing over your dead furnace and being able to proclaim, “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

But, as in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein book, toying with the natural order of things is unlikely to secure you a happy ending. Even with the best of intentions, DIY furnace repair is often tragic, resulting in damage to your furnace, a void in warranty, and higher future repair costs. That’s why it’s best to leave the furnace repair to the experts. 

#4 – Ghosts From Winters’ Past

Imagine this: You’re wrapped in your coziest blanket, holding a cup of cocoa, and waiting for the welcome heat of the furnace. All of a sudden, you hear a noise: The rattling of chains, a groan, a hiss. 

Congratulations, you’ve just been haunted by the Ghosts of Winters’ Past! 

Unfortunately, the maintenance items you didn’t get to last winter are now nasty bugaboos, ready to haunt your home. While full-blown furnace repair is best left to the experts (remember Frankenstein’s furnace?), you may be able to dispel some demons with basic furnace maintenance. So, change the furnace filter, clean the components, and fix minor damage. If that doesn’t work, burn some sage or, better yet, call an HVAC expert

#5 – Nightmarish Installations

Getting your furnace installed by the wrong company can lead to frightening issues. The wrong size device for your home. Inefficient heating. Lengthy repairs. Loud noises. A bog monster or two. 

But if your furnace sucks like a vampire, there’s hope that goes far beyond fresh garlic, wooden stakes, and a bag of salt. The right heating and cooling company can help you wake up from nightmarish installations and also help ward off future HVAC horrors. 

#6 – Deathly Energy Bills

Nothing is more terrifying than an extra high energy bill. But you don’t need to enlist the services of a paranormal expert to save money on heating costs. A right-sized, fuel-efficient furnace can breathe new heat into your house at a lower cost. 

Other powerful magic? Taking steps to ensure that heat isn’t escaping through windows and doors, adding insulation, and letting the sunshine. Of course, cuddling up with a friendly werewolf couldn’t hurt either.


Banish Those Foul Furnace Freaks

Sound familiar? We’re here to save you from your haunted house. If you live in the Twin Cities, give us a call at 612-825-6867 to schedule your appointment. We’ll chase away all of your heating ghosts and ghouls.

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