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Blog: The Emotional, Mental and Financial Toll of Bare Hardwood Floors

(Written for Sisal Rugs)

Home decorating is an art. Like with painting and sculpture, a room’s composition requires unity, balance, focus, texture, contrast, and pattern. But first, the room needs a suitable foundation.

It may seem like there is no canvas more visually appealing than finished hardwood flooring but, by leaving your floors bare, you actually pay a high price—from an aesthetic and financial standpoint.

You’ve heard the obvious reasons for covering up your hardwood floors like comfort and safety. Now, read on to learn how area rugs can help you compose a space that’s good for your mind, emotions, and wallet.

The Mental Cost

Our brains crave meaning. We like to organize spaces into inspiring tableaus. But without an area rug, furniture floats in the space, and our minds go into overtime trying to group objects in mentally-pleasing compositions.

Area rugs bring spaces together and create a frame for each composition. An area rug announces, “This is a place for eating,” “This is the place for conversation,” or “This is the place for cuddles.” Square and rectangle rugs provide clear edges and are especially suitable for eating and sitting areas.

A rug is an excellent way to define an eating area. Featured is a sisal rug from the Santiago Collection in the granola color.

While used less frequently, round and oval rugs can soften the room, and create captivating vignettes. When using a circular carpet make sure it’s big enough to touch all of the room’s main furniture. If you have a difficult space, play with what looks best, or consider a custom-shaped area rug.

By using area rugs, homeowners and their guests can reap the mental benefits of room compositions that are unified, focused, and balanced.

The Emotional Cost

The naked truth is that bare hardwood floors aren’t that inviting. Contrast, patterns, and textures—these are things that appeal to our senses. Regardless of whether your aesthetic is minimalist, modern contemporary, or eclectic, area rugs are a proven way to give our senses what they crave. Our feet can luxuriate in the softness of a wool sisal rug on our feet. Our eyes can appreciate the thick basketweave of a sisal rug.

A rug can add texture and color to a sitting area. Featured is a sisal rug from the Sun Collection. The color is sunlight with a wide tan binding.

Rugs can also be used to provide balance to your home furnishings. If your furniture is subdued, adding a patterned wool rug can add interest and color. On the other hand, if your room is already awash in colors and patterns from throw pillows, artwork, and decorations, an understated area rug can help create visual order.

By appealing to our sense of touch and sight, area rugs can provide some emotional weight to interior design.

The Financial Cost

Keeping hard floors looking their best can be a bit challenging, especially if you have pets or children. And even if you don’t mind a few scuffs and scratches on your hardwood floor, if you’re looking to sell your house at some point, these blemishes can affect the selling price.

Unfortunately, there is a sizable cost to refinish hardwood floors. And, if you have engineered wood flooring, there’s a limit to the number of times you can refinish your floor before it results in permanent damage. While a DIY approach can lessen the cost, the process for refinishing your floors is an incredible amount of work, and there’s lots of room for error.

Area rugs can put a lid on—or at least a cover— your concerns. You won’t have to worry about fixing scratches on hardwood floors, or about the cost of refinishing. Instead, you’ll be able to keep your hardwood floors looking their best while enjoying the mental and emotional benefits of area rugs.

Don’t Bear the Cost of Bare Hardwood Floors. Cash in with Area Rugs.

While hardwood floors are indeed beautiful, keeping them uncovered has some hefty costs. Instead, cash in on the mental, emotional, and financial benefits of covering your home’s hardwood floors with one of our custom area rugs.

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